Arcane Heritage


Although magic is in the blood of every sorcerer, you have a greater understanding of magic than most sorcerers and even some wizards.

You gain a +2 bonus to a background that involves or suggests magical knowledge or talent, up to your normal maximum background point limit.

You can also use one of your sorcerer spell choices to choose any wizard spell of the same level. You get only one such equal-level wizard spell at a time; all others have to be purchased using the 2-level penalty in the Access to Wizardry class feature described above.

Adventurer Feat: 

Use your Charisma as the attack ability for the wizard spell you choose with your Arcane Heritage talent.

Champion Feat: 

You can cast your wizard spells empowered as if they were sorcerer powers. Generally, empowering wizard spells only helps by doubling the damage.