Rest and Recharge

After each battle, you can use a quick rest to get ready for the next battle. After four battles, you’ll usually earn a full heal-up.

Quick Rests

When you take a quick rest, you can choose to heal yourself by using as many recoveries as you have available.

If you are staggered when you take a quick rest, you must try to heal yourself, either with a recovery or from a spell that provides some true healing.

For each recharge power that you used in the last battle, roll a d20 to see if you keep the power for your next battle or lose it until after your next battle. You have to roll the power’s recharge value or higher to use it again.

Full Heal-ups

After approximately four battles, characters earn a full heal-up, though the exact number is determined by the GM. Tougher battle can mean more frequent heal-ups, and vice versa.

After a full heal-up, your hit points reset to full. You regain any recoveries you’ve used. All expended powers are regained or recharged. (“Daily” powers are actually “per heal-up.”)

If the party is short of a heal-up but is too beat up to press on, they can retreat and take a full heal-up, which entails a campaign loss. (See Flee.)