Chaos Bolt

Ranged spell

The first time you use chaos bolt each battle, determine a random energy type. The spell deals that type of damage each time you use it that battle.

Either a single nearby enemy or a single far away enemy with a -2 attack penalty.
Charisma + Level vs. PD
1d8 + Charisma random energy damage, and if the natural attack roll was even, you gain a chaotic benefit as if you had gathered power.
Damage equal to your level.
3rd Level Spell: 
3d8 damage.
5th Level Spell: 
5d8 damage.
7th Level Spell: 
7d8 damage.
9th Level Spell: 
9d8 damage.
Adventurer Feat: 

You don't take the –2 penalty for attacking a far away enemy with the spell.

Champion Feat: 

If you are a champion-tier sorcerer, roll any chaotic benefit gained with this spell on the epic chaotic benefits table. If you are an epic-tier sorcerer, choose the epic chaotic benefit you want instead of rolling.