Double Ranged Attack


When you attack with a ranged weapon that does not need to be reloaded, your default option is to make a double ranged attack.

Your weapon damage die drops one notch, usually from d8s to d6s. If your first attack is a natural even roll (hit or miss), you can make a second attack as a free action.

If you decide you don't want to try for a double ranged attack when firing your bow or other ranged weapon, declare it before rolling your attack; the single attack will deal the normal damage dice instead of using reduced damage dice.

Adventurer Feat: 

Your second attack gains a +2 attack bonus if it is against a different target.

Champion Feat: 

Once per battle, you can use Double Ranged Attack after an odd attack roll.

Epic Feat: 

Each turn, you can pop free of one enemy before one attack roll that is part of a Double Ranged Attack. You can also use your move action in between your two attacks if you wish.