Infernal Heritage


Once per day, as a quick action when the escalation die is 1+, you can enter a spell frenzy until the end of the battle.

While in a spell frenzy, you roll 2d20 for each of your sorcerer spell attacks. Use the highest die as your attack roll, but track whether the other die hits.

For each die that misses, you take damage equal to double the level of the target of your attack.

Adventurer Feat: 

You gain resist energy damage 12+ to fire and to one of the following types of energy of your choice: acid, cold, lightning, psychic, thunder.

Champion Feat: 

Increase one of your resistances to 16+.

Epic Feat: 

In addition to your normal use of spell frenzy, you can also enter a spell frenzy as a free action while the escalation die is 5+.