Lightning Fork

Ranged spell
Recharge 16+ after battle
One nearby enemy; chain spell
Charisma + Level vs. PD
3d6 + Charisma lightning damage
Half damage.
3rd Level Spell: 
7d6 damage.
5th Level Spell: 
6d10 damage.
7th Level Spell: 
10d10 damage.
9th Level Spell: 
2d8 x 10 damage.
Adventurer Feat: 

Once per battle, you can reroll one of your lightning fork attacks rolls.

Champion Feat: 

If you miss all targets with lightning fork, you don't expend it.

Epic Feat: 

The recharge roll for lightning fork is now 11+.

Chain Spell: 

Each time you make a natural even attack roll, you can attack a different target with the spell.