Magic Missile

Ranged spell
One nearby or far away enemy.
Automatic hit

2d4 force damage.

3rd Level Spell: 
2d8 damage.
5th Level Spell: 
4d6 damage.
7th Level Spell: 
6d6 damage.
9th Level Spell: 
10d6 damage.
Adventurer Feat: 

You can choose two targets; roll half the damage dice for one missile and half the damage dice for the other, then assign one set of damage dice to each of the two targets.

Champion Feat: 

Roll a d20 when you use the spell; if you roll a natural 20, the magic missile crits and deals double damage. (Rolling a 1 is not a fumble; this roll checks only to see if you can crit.)

Epic Feat: 

The 7th and 9th level versions of the spell now use d8s as damage dice.