Spell Fist


Your style of sorcery emphasizes close-range fighting. There are two advantages and one possible drawback to your style.

You gain a +2 bonus to AC.

You can use ranged spells while engaged with enemies without taking opportunity attacks.

You use your Constitution modifier instead of your Charisma modifier to determine the damage you add to all your sorcerer spells.

Adventurer Feat: 

When you miss with a sorcerer spell against an enemy you are engaged with, add your Charisma modifier to the damage you deal. At 5th level, add double your Charisma modifier; at 8th level, triple it.

Champion Feat: 

Once per battle, you can include one enemy engaged with you as an additional target of any attack spell you cast that targets other enemies.

Epic Feat: 

Once per day when you cast an empowered spell, each enemy engaged with you becomes an additional target of that spell if it's not already targeted by the spell.