Animal-Shape Cloak

Default Bonus: 
+1 PD

There are several different types of cloak, each of which allows you to take on the shape of a particular animal. The same rules apply to all of them.

• Changing shape into an animal is a standard action. Changing back by taking off the cloak is a quick action.

• You automatically change back if you’re knocked unconscious, fall asleep, or suffer a critical hit.

• Some cloaks allow you to fight in animal form, but you use the stats for a ranger’s animal companion of two levels lower than your actual level (minimum 0), and you don’t add the escalation die to your attacks. On the bright side, you get to use your own hit points.

• You can’t cast spells, use items or speak while in animal form. You can communicate through gestures and adorable animal interpretive dances.

The cloak resembles the sort of animal you can turn into – so, a bearskin cloak might let you become a bear, a wolfskin cloak lets you turn into a wolf. A shimmery, filmy, scaly cape lets you become a salmon. Classic animal shapes include: bear, wolf, bat, cat, squirrel, seal, fish or bird.

Take on traits of the animal you become.