Belt of Illusions


This belt works like the wizard spell disguise self, altering your appearance by cloaking you in a magical disguise. Unlike the spell, though, you can disguise yourself as a specific person without penalty. There’s a trick to it, though – there’s a leather pouch attached to the belt, and the illusion’s based on whatever you put into the pouch. The more personal the item, the better.

Say you want to appear to be an orc warrior so you can sneak into an orc-infested dungeon without raising the alarm. If you pickpocket an orc guard and stick whatever orcs keep in their pockets into the pouch (gobbets of raw meat, probably, and fangs, and stones that look like they might be good for smashing
skulls), then the belt obligingly disguises you as a generic orc warrior. However, if you could steal the tribe shaman’s holy symbol, then the belt might disguise you as the shaman herself. The illusion lasts for ten minutes, and whatever item you place in the pouch is consumed when the duration expires.

Insists on elaborate systems of passwords and magic wards to defeat rival shapeshifters and doppelgangers.