Boots of the Hero's Footsteps

Default Bonus: 
Disengage checks and other checks involving fancy footwork: +1 bonus (adventurer); +2 bonus (champion); +3 bonus (epic).

These travel-worn boots have been all over the Empire, and they remember every step. Sometimes, you're beset by intense déjà vu, as memories from the boots leak into your mind. This only happens in places where the boots have been before, so it won't happen outside the Empire, at sea, in the Overworld, or in much of the Underworld. When it goes, you either get a +4 bonus to a Wisdom skill check related to navigation or finding paths, or a +4 bonus to a Dexterity check to avoid unexpected hazards that the boots have encountered before (so, a specific pit trap wouldn't trigger the boots, but the infamous sucking sands of the Kneedeep would be remembered by the boots.)

Your feet instinctively lead you towards the nearest inn.