Fey-touched (Talent)


Your past is connected to the fey – maybe it was a satyr who taught you how to play the flute, or maybe you’re a changeling kid that was raised by the fey.

You gain a one-point icon relationship with the Wild. This represents your strong connection to the fey realm and its inhabitants over civilized elven society in the mortal realm. Elves notice this connection and treat you with added respect.

Starting from 3rd level, choose either sorcerer spells with the Fey keyword, or druid spells from the Circle of the Feysong. You can switch out a bard spell for a spell of the chosen type at a -2 level penalty.

Adventurer Feat: You can switch out one bard spell without the level penalty. This allows you to switch out a spell before 3rd level.
Champion Feat: When you disengage from an enemy or teleport away from it, you deal psychic damage equal to twice your level to it.
Epic Feat: You can switch out a second spell at no level penalty. In addition, you can now take spells of both types.