Flurry (Monk Talent)


Flurry (Seven Deadly Secrets) If you use Flurry in a battle, you can’t use any other Deadly Secrets talents that battle. You gain the following attack:

Melee attack At-Will (once per round), when the escalation die is 3+
Quick action
Target: One enemy
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: JAB + Strength damage
Miss: — 

Adventurer Feat You can now use Flurry when the escalation die is 2+.

Champion Feat Your Flurry attack now deals damage equal to your level on a miss.

Epic Feat When the escalation die is 4+, your Flurry attack deals PUNCH + Strength damage instead of JAB + Strength.

Ki Power (A Thousand Palms): You must be engaged with 2 or more enemies to use this power. After making a Flurry attack, you can spend 1 point of ki to make another Flurry attack against a target you have not already attacked with Flurry this turn.