Dragon's Leap

Ranged spell
Quick action to cast
You; breath weapon

You can fly at the rate you normally move until the end of your turn. (So if you don't land or find someplace to hang from, you'll fall.)

5th Level Spell: 
You can now fly until the end of your next turn.
7th Level Spell: 
You can now fly twice as fast as you normally move on the ground. You also gain a +5 bonus to disengage checks.
9th Level Spell: 
The spell is now recharge 16+ after battle instead of daily.
Breath Weapon: 

For the rest of the battle, roll a d20 at the start of each of your turns; on a 16+, you can use dragon's leap this turn if you wish. (Yeah, we know it's not actually a breath weapon, but it works as part of the draconic sorcerer package.)