Javelin of Faith

Ranged spell
One nearby enemy
Wisdom + Level vs. PD
1d6 + Wisdom holy damage
Damage equal to your level
3rd Level Spell: 
3d6 damage
5th Level Spell: 
6d6 damage
7th Level Spell: 
6d10 damage
9th Level Spell: 
8d10 damage
Adventurer Feat: 

The spell also deals +1d6 damage against an undamaged target. At 5th level that increases to +2d6 damage; at 8th level it increases to +4d6 damage.

Champion Feat: 

You can now target a far away enemy with the spell at a –2 attack penalty.

Epic Feat: 

If your natural attack roll is an 18+, make the attack a second time against a different target as a free action.