Teleport Shield

Close-quarters spell

Always: For the rest of the battle, once per round when an enemy moves to engage you, you can make the following attack against it as a free action before it has the chance to attack in melee.

Intelligence + Level vs. PD
Teleport the enemy somewhere nearby you can see. You can place them in combat with one of your allies, but you can't place them in a dangerous location. (It's a defensive tool).
5th Level Spell: 
The teleported enemy also takes 4d10 damage.
7th Level Spell: 
6d10 damage.
9th Level Spell: 
10d10 damage.
Champion Feat: 

When your teleport shield attack misses, the spell's attack is not expended that round.

Epic Feat: 

You can now teleport the enemy somewhere far away that you can see; other restrictions still apply.