Touch of Evil

Close-quarters spell

If you are fighting one or more demons, roll an easy save (6+) at the start of each of your turns. Failure means that you are confused that turn.

Quick action to cast

You gain a random demon-style power for the rest of the battle, similar to the abilities demons possess but not identical.

Roll a d8 to see which power you gain:

Roll (d8) Power Description
1 Resist energy 16+ When an attack that deals energy damage targets you, the attacker must roll a natural 16+ on the attack roll or it only deals half damage.
2 Infernal battery Until the end of the battle, you can use a quick action once each round to make recharge rolls for your expended recharge spells. Each time you do so, you take damage equal to half the natural result of your recharge roll.
3 Backlash The first time you are staggered this battle, the enemy who staggered you becomes confused (save ends).
4 Spell frenzy You enter a spell frenzy (see Infernal Heritage talent). If you were already in a spell frenzy, you now roll 3d20 for each attack and take damage equal to triple the target's level for each roll that misses.
5 Fear aura Enemies engaged with you that have fewer hit points than double your current hit points are dazed. They cannot use the escalation die.
6 Teleport 1d3 + 1 times this battle As a move action, you can teleport anywhere you can see nearby.
7 Demonic speed You can take an extra standard action each turn that the escalation die is even. You lose 2d10 hit points each time you use the extra action.
8 Eye of the demon Choose any two features you want. For the rest of this day, all your icon relationships disappear and are replaced by an identical number of conflicted points with a villainous icon (preferably one that is demonic).