Ring of Runes

Default Bonus: 

At the start of battle, you instinctively trace a magic rune in the air that flashes and brands itself on one item carried by a nearby ally. This magic rune has the same effects as a normal rune (see the 13th Age rulebook, page 284). You may choose what item you target with the rune, but may not target the same item twice. There are three versions of this ring, one for each tier of play, and each one produces rune effects of the appropriate tier.

The dwarven runesmiths believe that this ring enables the bearer to see the spark of glory within each item, and that the rune is the soul of the weapon being made temporarily manifest. They claim to be able to foretell the future in the shape of the rune, and in the random rune effects it generates. If a rune causes a weapon to gain a bonus to opportunity attacks, then clearly great opportunity awaits the weapon’s wielder. If an implement gives a bonus to spells targeting a single enemy, then obviously the spellcaster’s attention is divided, and their implement is warning them to focus on what is important.

(By the standards of dwarven prophets and soothsayers, the runesmiths are considered reliable compared to the crackseers, who seek meaning in the patterns of cracks and flaws in stone, or the holy ale-questers, who seek divine guidance at the bottom of ale tankards.)

Believes that rune effects foretell the future, and acts on the wisdom revealed by the Random Rune Effect tables.