Stylus of Effigy


This wedge-shaped triangular cuneiform stylus is fine at the tip and broad at its opposite end. It is carved from a single piece of fluorite crystal layered with both transparent and violet interior facets, and inlaid with platinum patterns representing abstract humanoid and beastlike figures along its length. When it carves into clay, it hums with the melodies of ancient strings.


Standard Action: Carve Effigy. The wielder of the Stylus observes a monster they can see and concentrates while holding a clay surface in their hand, moving the floating Stylus using their mind. The guided Stylus carves a magical Effigy image into this handheld clay. If there is one intact magical Effigy of a monster, additional attempts to make magical Effigies of that same monster by this Stylus automatically fail. If the wielder succeeds on a DC 5 + the monster's CR (round down) writing tool proficiency check, the drawing animates the monster's most recently performed action, revealing insight about this action. For example: - If the monster had performed a Skill Check, the wielder learns its proficiency with that skill. - If the monster had performed a weapon or spell attack, the wielder learns the attack modifier and maximum damage. - If the monster had performed a Saving Throw, the wielder learns the modifier. - If the monster had performed a Ready action, the wielder learns the trigger for this Ready action. - If the monster used a special ability, the wielder gains insight regarding this ability.
Quick Action: Clean the Slate. The wielder may sweep the handle of the Stylus across a finished magical Effigy to restore the intact clay surface to its previous state, before it was carved by the Stylus.
Free Action: Clear Reading. Any observer within 30ft who can see an animated Effigy can use their reaction to get a Clear Reading on the monster's action and defend against it. If the monster performs the action captured in the animated Effigy before the observer's next turn, the observer gains a benefit. For example: - Saving throw or opposed ability check: +2 modifier - Attack: +2 AC Larger or highly visible clay surfaces may increase the observer's range, at DM discretion.
Standard Action: Effigy Purge. If the wielder shouts the monster's True Name and shatters a clay surface bearing its completed magical Effigy, the Stylus casts Banishment against the monster with spell save DC 18. Concentration on Banishment is maintained by the wielder as if they had cast the spell.