Domain: Justice/Vengeance


Once per turn when an enemy scores a critical hit against you or a nearby ally, or drops you or a nearby ally to 0 hp or below, you gain an attack-reroll blessing. Immediately choose a nearby ally and give them the blessing as a free action.

An ally with this blessing can use it to reroll an attack as a free action this battle. An ally can only have one such blessing on them at a time.

Invocation of Justice/Vengeance: This battle, add double your level to the miss damage of your attacks and the attacks of your nearby allies. (For example, your basic melee attack as a cleric will deal triple your level as miss damage while this invocation is active.)

Adventurer Feat: 

You can take the attack-reroll blessing yourself.

Champion Feat: 

When you gain an attack-reroll blessing to distribute, you gain two blessings to distribute instead.

Epic Feat: 

Attacks rolls from your reroll blessings gain a +4 bonus.